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Rail Roaded By CATS/Center City

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Tax Payer Seeing Bill

Tax Payer Seeing Bill



If you read the Observer story above today you will see that CATS is using the story that a downturn in the economy is the only reason we are in the position of having bus services cut and light rail services cut. 

We told you last year that this whole house of cards would come down on them even if the economy were to keep going well.  Just note how we asked that they take two years and show us how successful and cost wise this whole transit system would be.

When will we learn that all these people are surrounded with people who are there because they were put there to support us paying more and more of our taxes while they and their friends make money off of the developments and other activities which whirl around all this money.

Affordable Light Rail, Cats on budget and other Christmas wish Tales 2008

Friday, December 5th, 2008

OH!  I just can not wait to see the surprise!

OH! I just can not wait to see the surprise!

We are back and behold the story from Steve at the Observer who would not have dared to print this truth a year ago.

Anyone could see we were slowing down last year and yet our Elected Officials were still going at it like it was the old days when they could just Annex more and cover their wild spending

So now we are getting the real truth about our Transit Spending

More to come!