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Riot on the Rail, Charlotte, NC

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Fun in Center City Charlotte, NC

We did have a video of a group continuing the Riot that took place on Saturday but the owner took it off the web. It was three young Ladies who were beaten by a group of young boys on a crowded rail car.

Anyway go to and see the other videos from the riot that night and how people are saying how they will avoid the transit center and Light Rail.

The joke is what do criminals call light rail passengers. Answer, a captive audience.

REAL not RAIL Transit for the future!

Monday, January 12th, 2009
Use today's technology!

Use today's technology!

On WBTV today they were all glassed eye and salivating over how many more people are riding the light rail and how the controversy must have been answered with this outstanding increase in ridership.  In fact they say that during sport events the numbers increase by sometimes three times as much.  And to prove the success they say the I485 parking deck is often closed due to the large number of cars parked there.

Great so we are now only looking at the numbers of riders as the success.  I guess the distortions of the advertising campaign last year from those in support of the light rail have sold everyone on the same way of looking at the SUCCESS of our light rail.

We do not need to bother to look that it costs us in subsidised tax dollars around TWENTY SEVEN dollars each way plus the fare people pay on Light Rail.  Nor that we could move these same people for only around FOUR dollars in tax subsidies plus the fare each way on buses.  An we can overlook the fact Raleigh can move people on buses for about ONE DOLLAR AND SEVENTY FIVE cents each way in tax subsidies plus the fare with their more efficient transit operation.  But of course they are not operating off of the windfall of the half cents sales tax as it was in the past, but becoming a real problem for cash cow status in this economy for our transit system, CATS.

And we can overlook the fact that the majority of the tags parked in the parking lot at I485 are South Carolina Tags as they pay taxes here.  And hopefully they buy a few thousand each rider per day to help us offset these costs by paying the half cent sales tax and it is not being borne by the Mecklenburg County People more than it should.

But that is not what we are here to discuss.  We want to eschew technology that is over a hundred years old and go with the future.  We want to say that costs are important but apparently not that important when it comes to moving people.

Helicopters.  YES HELICOPTERS.

Imagine the potential?  No marring of the land, flexablilty of travel, and a myriad of other advantages.

Can you imagine the fuel savings for commuters, the cars that would be off the overcrowded roads and think of how our environment would benefit.  Beautiful new helicopters flying through our beautiful and smog free skies?

Let’s do a Charlotte Observer on you:

Imagine you get up from your lake home in Hickory, North Carolina.  You forgot to set the clock.  It is 8AM.  You go to your automated cleaning station which uses no water, chemicals or anything else.  You go downstairs as you only have two rooms a bedroom and a residence room to keep your carbon foot print low.  Your spouse (male or female or any gender change they bravely may have wished to change to or a person of a same sex relationship) greets you.   If you are so inclined you have only two offspring who attend the local school which houses 10thousand students all in a high rise to again save the environment.

You tell this Person you are late and go out the door to your segway which takes you the two miles to the local heliport.  You board with others wearing the same suits all from recycled plasic bottles but the suit feels like silk but looks like something a worm spit up.

As you fly over the terrain you see closed big empty box stores all along the overgrown rail lines.  All those poor people who still live along those lines are desperate to sell but no one wants to be near these reminders of all the expense they once incurred. 

So you finally land on top of your building at 8:30 am and wend your way down to the cubicle where you approve the 665.245 form all day long.  Once in a while you get the opportunity to approve a 665.248 but those days are far between.  Life is good! 

And imagine not having to buy land or wait long at all as we build a few heliports around the area.  No special orders just standard passengers helicopters is all we need.  Then imagine using them during the day to ferry people to the Airport or what ever needs we might have during the day?  Let’s not even talk about using them in an emergency to get people out of the area or people to the hospital in a big way.   Then during the events you can just imagine the use.  We can only look at the NASCAR success of helicopters to see how well it would would work with our sporting events.

Now many would be saying what would all of this costs, to which I would say not that much.  Apparently that is all you have to do anymore for the media and they will quit asking questions.

So let’s get moving on Helicopters!!!  TODAY and we can have them flying in Charlotte in just a couple of months all over the place.

Affordable Light Rail, Cats on budget and other Christmas wish Tales 2008

Friday, December 5th, 2008

OH!  I just can not wait to see the surprise!

OH! I just can not wait to see the surprise!

We are back and behold the story from Steve at the Observer who would not have dared to print this truth a year ago.

Anyone could see we were slowing down last year and yet our Elected Officials were still going at it like it was the old days when they could just Annex more and cover their wild spending

So now we are getting the real truth about our Transit Spending

More to come!