Charlotte Light Rail

We are Charlotte/Mecklenburg Taxpayers who have seen how tax wasting pet projects have lined up one after the other like expensive toys thrown into a corner by a spoilled child but in this case spoiled Elected Officials and civil employees who love to make and spend our tax dollars.

We do not want to see the current Southern Line stopped, in fact we would love to see it come online and be as successful as they have promised as we too want to help the traffic congestion in Charlotte.

However if you read the reports on our site you will see just how poor a deal this will be for Charlotte and the money can be spent in better ways to help traffic. 

You may not agree with us but we ask that you at least look at the reports and tell us how we are wrong.

We meet every Thursday morning 7:30 AM at the Skyview Restaurant on South Blvd and we would love to hear your ideas.