Two Restaurants closed due to the crime at the Light Rail

I hate to bother you with the truth.

People hate to hear the truth especially after the riots we had a couple of weeks ago at the transit center and the other fights after that on the Light Rail.

But two restaurants had to close and now they are saying they did so due to the crime coming from the light rail.

“Light Rail Crime Story Closes Restaurants.

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3 Comments to “Two Restaurants closed due to the crime at the Light Rail”

  1. Sarah jones says:

    was in clt this weekend. Why do so many people get on the rail train without paying?

  2. PS: Glad you came and mainly glad you did not have any problems on the rail.

  3. When they built it they were trying to cut costs so they did it without turnstiles. Ron the guy in charge at that time showed them it would work.

    He moved his tent to another City a short time later. Hey it costs so much anyway that paltry dollar fifty is not that much help anyway.