Newest Rah Rah Story from the Observer

Red Line Story

Transit Center will be moved for DNC?

Newest Rah Rah Story from the Observer

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Be sure to read the most recent puff piece from the observer on rail.

Click here for the story

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Red Line Story

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Developers need this rail!

Red Line Commentary you do not want to miss.

Red Line Story

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Transit Center will be moved for DNC?

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Make sure they do not see anything.

It seems the Transit Center may have to be moved for the DNC due to security risks?

Transit Center May Be Moved Due To DNC Security.

Admin @ August 4, 2011

Has Light Rail Damaged….. By Tara.

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More and more costs.

Be sure to read this article by Tara in Meck Deck

Has Light Rail Damaged The South Blvd Area

It asks the questions a lot of people have been asking for some time.

Admin @ August 3, 2011

Two Restaurants closed due to the crime at the Light Rail

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I hate to bother you with the truth.

People hate to hear the truth especially after the riots we had a couple of weeks ago at the transit center and the other fights after that on the Light Rail.

But two restaurants had to close and now they are saying they did so due to the crime coming from the light rail.

“Light Rail Crime Story Closes Restaurants.

Admin @ July 15, 2011

Terrorist Scare?

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Not who they are looking for.

Remember when we dared to suggest a possible Terrorist plot might come in the future, back during the transit debate?

The Elected Officials said we were scaring people and a lot of other horrible things.

Well now they are scaring people Click here for the Observer Story on a person of interest to the FBI seen at the Light Rail etc.

Admin @ June 21, 2011

Riot on the Rail, Charlotte, NC

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Fun in Center City Charlotte, NC

We did have a video of a group continuing the Riot that took place on Saturday but the owner took it off the web. It was three young Ladies who were beaten by a group of young boys on a crowded rail car.

Anyway go to CharlotteComments.com and see the other videos from the riot that night and how people are saying how they will avoid the transit center and Light Rail.

The joke is what do criminals call light rail passengers. Answer, a captive audience.

Admin @ June 5, 2011

NC Senate Railizes The Truth

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Taking Us For A Ride? Absolutely!

Did you catch the story about the budget from Raleigh actually looking at a cost versus benefit for projects?

I am not sure if Government has ever operated this way before. Imagine if they start spending money this way, why our deficit would disappear and shudder we would have a balanced budget. What then would the parties have to blame on each other?

NC Senate Looks at Light Rail Sees the True Costs.

Admin @ May 25, 2011

We hope they give the NAACP the Rail they Want!

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The NAACP is saying they want everybody to stop doing business here in Charlotte as part of a boycott since they feel all of Charlotte is nothing but a cesspool of racism. Actually they said bastion, but we thought it would make us look worse if we called us a cesspool.

Stop everything, cut off our nose to spite our face!

We at Charlotte in 2012 Group Click heresay we should do what we do best in this County and City and just throw tax money at the problem.

We ask the elected officials to just give the expensive overpriced and not any better than buses rail vehicles that the NAACP wants for Beatties Ford Road and anywhere else they want them.

That way we might get them at least happy enough to start throwing other tax toys at them in an attempt to see if we can find out what it is that might make them eventually happy.

Get busy people, and media people you need to start pushing this, We know we can not afford it but when have we ever been able to afford any of this rail stuff and still you promoted it.

Admin @ January 21, 2011

We told you they would be back with hands out!

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We want more money story in the Observer

Remember we have been telling you they needed this even if the economy had not tanked.

This whole scheme would never had worked.

Admin @ November 9, 2010